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Your Tab


Even complete cheapskates can't complain about the value they receive at Georgia Frontiers. We guarantee your horseback riding experience will be a ton of fun and as thrilling as you dare.

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If you enjoy your ride, kiss your horse and tip your guide!

​Please Note: 
  • All prices are PER RIDER. Only one rider per horse.

  • Optional: If you're not feeling sociable, you can request a private ride with your very own trail guide who will warn you when to duck and won't laugh too hard when you don't. Add $10 per person.

  • We like cash. We do not accept American Express but will take Visa, Mastercard or Discover. We don't trust personal checks...they tend to bounce, just like some of our riders. 

  • We're gonna ask for a valid credit card number when you make a reservation. This will secure your ride time and horses. You have the option of paying cash or charging that card when you arrive as scheduled.

  • If you decide not to show up, we're gonna charge your credit card the full amount of the reservation at the exact time your ride is scheduled to leave the barn. There will be no refunds. We WILL KEEP the full amount of the ride you booked. Now, before you start complainin' about this policy, listen to our reasoning. When you make a reservation, what you are actually doing is reserving a horse. We only have so many horses, so we start declining business from other people at that time. If you don't show up for your ride, someone else could have paid for time in the saddle. Please be considerate and cancel your reservation at least 36 hours in advance or expect to be charged. The horses gotta eat.

  • There is a strict 220 pound weight limit to protect rider and horse. If you make a reservation and exceed the weight limit, we will deny you a ride and still charge your credit card.

  • Give us a holler to discuss the details and cost of special shindigs.

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